There are 16 boxes which four foals boxes. Stable canal is wide, bright and airy.  Horse washing place with infrared and solarium. There is also a saddle room with a bathroom included a shower. Adjacent to the stables there is a roundcorall 14m, a riding arena 61x22 m with fiber sand and a paddock of 40 x 80 m. We also have a lovely grass runway at 120x50 m. The pastures are big and some are hilly. Summer Works. Prices 4500 per month incl. VAT The price includes boxrent, feeding 4 times a day. Free feed with organic silage.
Out-admission every workday and access to the indoor arena.
Full service 7 days a week 7000 SEK.
Contact us for further information.

Now we are relatively full in the stable and we can not accept more horses. We are of course delighted that many want to be here, but if everyone should enjoy then we need to draw a line somewhere. Sometimes it can still be a gap when a horse / human can fit in a flock so call or email your interest. However, we offer no queuing system, but I note who and what horse. Fits a combination in at some point you get to hear from me and we'll see if it's still relevant. Welcome here at trainings or other events!