Residential buildings were built in 1867 and was then a pastor's residence during long time. The former stable building was built in 1878,  a lightning burned the barn down and a new, larger stables were built in 1988. Over the years the farm carried out by milk production but in recent years the farm changed alignment of to horses.
Today, we run an organic farm with horses and accommodation. Here are 20 hectares of arable land, 20 hectares of forest and the rest of de land is pasture.

The activities include boarding of horses and the training of horses and riders.
On the farm we also get the breed Gotland sheep that keep the land open and organic chickens get to roam freely.

Machine hall
In our machine hall we have most of the equipment needed to run a farm.
We rent our equipment with operator, if interested please contact Andreas for more info. Telecommunications 0735118019