The family Skaret

We at the farm called:

Andor 58 years is a happy Norwegian who works as an HSE coordinator for Statoil in the North Sea. He works 2 weeks and then leave 4 weeks. He is also trained as a nurse anesthetist.
Susanne 54 years is a bon vivant and when she´s not at the farm she finds herself on Veddige medical center. There she works as district part-time doctor.
Michael 28 years trained at the Officers Academy Karlberg in Stockholm and works as a lieutenant in the P4 in Skövde. Comes in the summer to help. 
Johanna 26 who have a big heart for animals and is the contact person for the farm. She is trained as a certified groom. Trained economics. Dressagerider and trainer.
Andreas 27 are living with Johanna. Working as an electrician at Imtech electrics in Varberg. Hunting is his greatest interest. He has hunting dogs, Ladda and Sikta.
He has a certain fondness for tractors and agricultural machinery.

Hampus 1 year is Johanna and Andreas son